Will it work Wednesday……

I tried two recipes from my Pinterest board. One has been on the board forever and one is newer. Slowly, I am working through all these things I have pinned.

Truthfully, I didn’t think this one for  Brownie Bowl Sundaes would really work, but I wanted to give it a shot. So I wasn’t too upset when this recipe was a bust.  I tried the technique of baking the brownies some of the way through and then adding the second cupcake pan (this was a tip in the post). All I got were super flat brownies. There is a chance I could get this to work but I don’t have the energy.  Plus I am certain I would not achieve the perfect brownie bowl. This pin is getting the delete button! If you have success please let me know your secret.

Banana Avocado Pops

I am always looking for a post run healthy snack, so I though I would give these a shot. Yes, I own Popsicle molds with fun drinking spouts – thank you Amazon. These were good, nothing special since there are 3 ingredients. They would be good for a summer treat and they are green so I call it a win. PS- you will see this photo again in my What I did in October post.


A loss and a win for my pins! On to more recipes.





What I did in September

Can you believe that we are in the 10th month of 2017! I can’t either! Here is a look at what I did in September……

We got new countertops!!! We are slowly working our way through updating the kitchen. Backsplash is next. This process has been so rough, I do not have an eye for design. There are so many options out there.


I attended special friends day with Brooke at her school.

Enjoyed a week off before starting my new job.  I spent a day at the Four Seasons getting pampered and even hung out at the rooftop pool. Thanks Groupon!


My young professional group hosted a fundraiser at Ballpark Village.

I started a new job! The first few weeks have been great. There is a to learn but I am slowly getting into the swing of things!

I ran a half….at night! Not one of my better ones, but I finished!


Jake and I attend Ben Harper at the pageant. He did not sing our wedding song.

I ran 21.3 miles.

I read four books:
Ramona Blue – read mostly on the treadmill as I try to get my daily steps in each night. Excellent book!! Highly recommended.

What I was doing while you were breeding – read mostly before starting the new job and to distract myself from a pedicure. This is a memoir, this is nothing like my life but was fun to read.


The People We Hate At A Wedding – a summer read but didn’t blow me away. Reading it at the rooftop pool was fun though!
The stranger in my home – This is a long one and dragged in the middle but the ending takes a huge turn I was suspecting. If you like suspense you might like this one.

I listened to two books from Jennifer Weiner- The littlest Bigfoot and Certain Girls. Skip Certain Girls but add the Littlest Bigfoot to your reading or listening list!

My sorority alumnae group kicked off another year of events with our annual Wine and Cheese event.

It was a busy month with lots of new and exciting things, stay tuned for an October update.




When somebody gets it!



I have sat down to write this post several times. However, I could not commit to finishing it. The words were there but so were the emotions. 

When I requested Sheryl Sandberg’s book from the library it was because of its popularity not because of the story behind it. Truthfully, I only knew her as the Facebook lady.

This book sucked me in and I am sure as I was reading it I was nodding my head in agreement. If you don’t know, Sheryl Sandberg is COO at Facebook and tragically lost her husband while they were on a beach vacation. In her book, Option B, she writes about that trip and all that happened after his death. While our situations are very different, her feelings and emotions are not. She put into words what I have felt so many times. Even though I don’t know her, she made me feel like it was ok to not to be ok, to still hurt all these years later.  

One of my favorite lines from the book is when she quotes Playwright Robert Woodruff “ Death ends a life, but it doesn’t end a relationship”. I never really thought about it in this way. I think I read this line at least 50 times. I am still my father’s daughter, that will never change. I found this so comforting.

Losing a loved one just sucks. There are no other words that sum it up better, at least in my opinion. Everyone experiences it differently and there isn’t a right way to grieve. You can be surrounded by people that love and care for you and are ready to dry your tears but still feel completely alone. Unfortunately, when you lose someone you join this club, a club you don’t want to be in but you can relate to others in the club- more than you can relate to some of your closest loved ones sometimes.

I am not saying that those not “in the club” are unimportant. I am saying that sometimes you feel like you need to be ok for them, which is exhausting. You are fighting two battles, the one inside you that just needs to be sad and the one that needs to put on the brave face. Reading Sheryl’s book was like talking to an old friend who just gets it. 

No matter if you have suffered a loss or not, I highly recommend this book. It is a comfort to those that have experienced a loss but it can also be a useful tool for anyone that might have a friend or family member that has experienced a loss.

Like I said, it’s nice when someone just gets it.