A look ahead to 2018


I am neither happy or sad to see 2017 go. It was a year that brought a new job, a kitchen remodel, a trip Puerto Rico, two half marathons and lots of reading and other memories.

Again this year I won’t be making a new years resolution. I will continue to take care of myself both physically and mentally. This means exercise, time with family and saying no.

I want 2018 to be about experiences and saying no more. These two kind of go hand in hand. I can’t be in 4 places at once and I can’t make everyone happy. So I am going to focus on being happy with life and being present so I can enjoy the experiences of 2018.

Last year I did make a list of things I wanted to do in 2017. I did mark off a few but not all, so instead I will add them to my list for 2018 and not beat myself up about not completing a list.

I do have the following goals for 2018:

  • Blog once a week
  • Run a half marathon in under 2.5 hours
  • Don’t overschedule myself
  • Be kind to everyone – even if I don’t want to

Stuff I want to do this year

  • Trikke http://www.trikkestl.com/
  • Bake/cook more
  • Snow Tube

I am sure the list will grow and change throughout the year but I think is a good start. If I make a big list I will just stress over getting it done.

Do you have 2018 goals or resolutions? Or something you want to do. I am always looking for ideas or partners in crime to try new things!

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading throughout 2017. I hope you will be back in 2018!



I am not a Geek

I wear a lot of ballet flats as part of my wardrobe. In the past year I have become a huge fan of the, what I am going to call, “socklets” or no show socks. They fit around your toes and heals so you can wear flats and not forgo, in my case, the blisters and rubbing. I have sweaty feet so they also help with order issues.

The problem is that I haven’t found one that fits exactly right. Some fit great for the beginning of the day but as I walk they being to slip or there coverage area is to large for the shoe I am wearing. Which means they are little more noticeable than I wold like.

I was intrigued when I saw an ad on Facebook for Geeks.  These are no show socks that didn’t to be washed on a regular basis (due to fancy technology) help resist order and can stay in the shoe. Naive little me thought they were interchangeable between shoes. I thought this would solve all my problems. So I paid the 18.00 for one pair.

When they arrived I found out that you “install” them in the shoe you wear most often. I don’t have a flat I wear most often. Strike 1.

But I did want to try them, maybe they would be worth the investment.

So I picked a pair of shoes that I wear pretty frequently and began the process.

All the pieces. The white pieces adhere to the shoe and the black are the inserts. They basically Velcro together to stay in place.


They are not hard to install but I did watch a YouTube video to insure I was doing it right.

I envision me just slipping into these shoes and being on my way. Nope. Strike 2. The portion that covers the toes would not just slip on. It took some finagling to get my toes in the sock.

And then I started walking and they were soooo uncomfortable! They rubbed my feet worse than the shoe. Strike 3.

You’re out.

I will not be purchasing any more Geeks. Besides the cost for one pair that I can use in one pair of shoes, they are not comfortable. I was hoping these would be a win but to me they are a big lose and I would not recommend.

The hunt for the perfect no show sock continues…..


What I did in November…..

November brought my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving! Along with a few other things

I ran 6.36 miles — made up of a cupcake 5K (yep 3 miles 5 cupcakes) and a turkey trot.

Cupcake headband and earrings, a must for a cupcake 5K

Turkey Trot was a success, 10.25 average pace. I think it was turkey socks that guided me to a speedy time.

I ate any anything and everything pumpkin and decorated for Thanksgiving


I read 4 books
1. The Light We Lost.  Read mostly as I walked on the treadmill. It was an ok read, half way through I had a feeling I knew what the ending would be. It was a sad story but kept my attention.

2. The Sinner ( I read the book and then watched the mini series). The miniseries was basically the same but there were some differences.  I liked the book better.
3. Strong is the new pretty. Amazing book! The author uses photographs and quotes to inspire all of us to be who we want to be. This would be a great gift for a young girl in your life.
4. Cork Dork. This book was waaaay to long. I think I felt this way because I like to drink wine but I don’t really care to know all the details about wine (the region it come from, the tasting notes, blah, blah). I was hoping this book would focus more on the authors journey to becoming a sommelier. Instead she focused a lot on the science of your brain controls your tastes and the make up of the wines. If the book was just her story I think I would have found it more entertaining.

I listened to 1 one
1. One Day. I hated this book. I did listen to the whole thing but I half through I did debate deleting it. There wasn’t a point to the store and the characters were so whinny.


I attended Lucas kindergarten music program.


I visited the hospital my brother helped build. Jake also worked at their old location.


I was the top female bowler in our Thanksgiving family bowling tournament


I tried one pin on Pinterest


Another busy and fun month! Now onto holiday fun!