The Kitchen Series: Episode 1- Desserts

Back in the day before Pinterest was invented…yes back in those dark dark days….I used to tear out recipes from magazines. Which was great, it gave me binders upon binders of recipes to have on hand. The problem, once they made it to the binder they never left. The same thing seemed to happen with pins on Pinterest. So as one my bullet journal goals (not sure what a bullet journal is…check it out here) I am going to incorporate the kitchen series.

I picked a few sweet things to get back into the swing of things.

The first thing I made were cereal ice cream cups. This was a recipe I tore out a magazine and then put in my dessert binder. Basically these are rice krispie treats you shape into bowls. I used golden grahams because I thought they might hold together better. I used a cupcake tin to form the bowls. I wasn’t too impressed so this recipe met with the recycle bin.

The next one I tried was  Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwiches. Major win! They are no bake, always a plus during hot summer days. The cookie dough doesn’t have eggs in it so it safe to eat (as if they would have stopped me). The recipe wants you to make them in more of a square shape but I liked the round shaping better. I had extra dough so I rolled those into balls and have been putting them into just plain ice cream as a fun add in. Highly recommended!

Another  Pinterest recipe I tried was  antique caramel cake. I had high hopes for this one. My family loves caramel but this was a let down. The only thing that makes it caramel is the frosting. The cake part is pretty bland and nothing special. This was one got the delete button even though I did like the caramel recipe.  I know  I won’t go back specifically for the recipe.

I hope to do a kitchen series post once a month, with a mix of Pinterest and binder recipes. Stay tuned for the next edition.


I got an endorsement deal!

Well me and 50,000 other people.


Brooks Athletic Company has launched a new campaign to celebrate runners who put in the time, day in and day out. They are supporting morning miles, lunch break runs, sunset sweat sessions, and every single celebratory post-run beer.

As part of my endorsement deal I got a contract and a big fat $1.00 check!


I took my big endorsement deal and put it towards my new treadmill fund!


Along with my endorsement deal I have access to weekly emails with training tips and updates on new Brooks gear. Yes, I know this is a marketing thing and to most people it’s silly but I don’t care -but I run with a fuel belt and neon spandex- silly doesn’t bother me. I love the St. Louis running community and now I have the chance to be apart of an even larger community.


Restaurant exploration

For the past several years Jake and I have been using Ian Froeb’s STL 100 to broaden our knowledge of the St. Louis food scene. And well ok to make me eat something other than chicken fingers. You can find Ian’s 2017 list here. Ian is a writer for the STL Post Dispatch and complies the list each year. He gives a recommended item based off his visit to the restaurant as well.

We have tried several of the restaurants on this year’s but I thought why not start sharing  our experiences. In true Jake and Erin fashion we are keeping a spreadsheet that lists the grade that each of us gives a restaurant. Sometimes we both have the same rating and sometimes we really differ.

Last week we tried La Vallesana or “The Taco Stand” (2801 Cherokee St. 63118). It was actually a nice June night in St. Louis so we elected to sit outside on the patio. The patio is pretty big and gives you a great vantage point for people watching on Cherokee St.

We started with with guacamole and some drinks. Pacifico beer for Jake and a margarita for me. The guacamole was awesome, very fresh and chunky.


For my meal I got the taco plate and a side of rice. The tacos I chose were Chrizo, Al Pastor (pork and pineapple) and chicken. I asked for no lettuce but because this is an odd request I wasn’t mad when they came with lettuce. I as able to pick most of it off.



Jake also got the taco plate with a side of rice and refried beans.  His taco selection was beef tongue, the Al Pastor and beef cheek.

The tacos were good and the ingredients were fresh. We both gave it a B and said we would return.  I liked the atmosphere and the guacamole was really good! If you are looking for good and cheap authentic Mexican food I recommend the taco stand.

They also had a large selection of ice cream but we finished the night in true St. Louis fashion with a visit to Ted Drewes.

Happy eating!