I got an endorsement deal!

Well me and 50,000 other people.


Brooks Athletic Company has launched a new campaign to celebrate runners who put in the time, day in and day out. They are supporting morning miles, lunch break runs, sunset sweat sessions, and every single celebratory post-run beer.

As part of my endorsement deal I got a contract and a big fat $1.00 check!


I took my big endorsement deal and put it towards my new treadmill fund!


Along with my endorsement deal I have access to weekly emails with training tips and updates on new Brooks gear. Yes, I know this is a marketing thing and to most people it’s silly but I don’t care -but I run with a fuel belt and neon spandex- silly doesn’t bother me. I love the St. Louis running community and now I have the chance to be apart of an even larger community.


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