Follow-up on 35

You might remember a few months ago (yes the last time I posted–arggg life just got in the way) I was lamenting about 35. I was having a rough time with this birthday celebration so I wanted to do some good. See the post here

I picked 3 charities that accepted donations other than monetary donations and put out the call to help me use my birthday to do some good. I was humbled when my blog post was shared and strangers (to me) wanted to know how they could donate to the cause.

As a result I was able to donate 18 medals to mettle for medals. This was super easy, St. Louis has a chapter here and you can drop off medals (after you remove the ribbon) to any Big River Running store! My favorite running store as well!


The next charity I picked was Heart Strides which helps to provide moms with sick kids the running gear they need to take care of themselves.  A total of 23 items were sent their way.


The last charity I picked was Girls Helping Girls Period, a charity I have donated to in the past –remember my period party.  They put out a special call for bras to donate to women in need. 11 bras were sent to this cause.


If you missed sending me your donations I encourage you to visit the links above and send your donations or just promote these organizations by liking their facebook pages and mentioning them to others. Let’s spread the word about all the good there is out there instead of focusing on the bad. This was a great example of how social media can be used for good and it doesn’t take much to impact lives.

Thank you to all those that donated to these causes. This was a great way to celebrate 35 and help me come to terms with being another year older. I think I am (almost) ok with it!

Ok I will stop complaining. Have a great night.




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