2017 in objects so far

I started the “my week objects” posts last year and found it both fun and challenging. Sometimes my weeks were just not that interesting. So I think I will keep up the theme of the blog post but more on a bi -monthly basis. Here a few objects that have made an impact in my life this first month and a half of 2017:

The post it note.  I love office supplies. In past jobs I was in charge of ordering office supplies and it was a dream to peruse the giant catalog of office supplies. Since I am in the process of planning a large scale fundraiser for a board I serve on I decided to break out the post-it notes to get organized. I spread out on the floor of our guest room and went to work.


Library card. It’s no secret that I love to read.  My library allows me to read that way I want to….meaning often and a lot. Books are expensive and I am not a re-reader, I read it and I am done. Although I do love the look of bookshelves packed with a variety of books. My library card allows me to always have a book to read and gives me the freedom to try out new genres without having to spend any money! Plus my library card provides me access to DVDs, CD’s, audiobooks and ebooks (which I borrow for traveling purposes, give me a real book over a tablet any day). And it’s cute too! This little piece of plastic supplied me with plenty of beach reads for our recent trip. I even brought along as a way to thank it, I kid! The St. Louis county library has a social media campaign that encourages patrons to show where they have taken their library card, so I look mine to the beach!


This banner from our recent trip. It makes me smile and gives me some hope for this world.


This towel. Which irritates me to no end. St. Patrick’s day or St. Paddy’s day is a holiday near and dear to my heart.  Please remember shamrocks have 3 leaves and clovers have 4 –yes there is a difference between a shamrock and a clover.  St. Patrick was male so if you shorten the name it’s Paddy.  Make your St. Patrick’s Day purchases wisely and know that yes I do judge you when you don’t.


Thanks for reading!



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