Relaxation vacation recap

If we are friends on Facebook or instagram you might have seen that Jake and I just spent 4 (glorious) nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You might also be cursing me because of the photos I was posting.

Sorry I am not sorry. This vacation started as Jake lost a bet so he had to take me on a fabulous vacation but as the vacation got closer it really became a time for the two of us to get away and take some time just doing nothing and just be Erin and Jake.

We lead busy and hectic lives – just like the rest of world- and often we get caught up in where do we have to be, what needs to be fixed in the house, what meeting do I need be in, etc. I love our life and the fact that we have careers, that we volunteer in our community and that we are surrounded by friends and family that want to see us and be apart of their lives. I am not complaining about how busy I am, that is pointless, everyone is busy  and I could always cut back on things. I am however, giving everyone the go ahead to take a timeout. Try to see the burnout before it happens and take a break.  I did have to work a little harder in the weeks leading up to vacation to get my many work and personal projects to a point where I felt comfortable that everything was wrapped up as it could be. But it was worth it, not only did it get to a good place in project timelines but it also made vacation that much sweeter.

Jake and I had a great time in Puerto Rico and while the 80 degree weather was hard to leave I am glad we are safely back home and ready jump back into routines- did I mention I love lists and organization.  I think taking this trip in the beginning year was also a good idea, we are relaxed and ready to take on 2017 (well for the most part, I have a feeling this year is going to be a doozy).

I recommend Puerto Rico 150% but I also recommend finding your happy place that allows you to have just “you” time. I have the convenience of not having child or pet responsibilities so it is easy for me to say- just find some you time, I do realize this. But I want to push everyone is 2017 to practice self care.








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