Lists are fun

I am in love with lists, yes I admit it I am a list lover. They keep me organized, they help my brain keep track of the tasks rolling around in my head and they are just fun to make!

Not sure where I found out about this book – if you recommended it to me thank you! Now I can make lists that are not all task driven. This book promotes weekly journaling inspiration.

As part of my 2017 goal to be grateful I am using this book to set time aside and focus on a list where I don’t cross things off. For example, the list I am working on this week is list the soundtrack of your life right now. Not something I would normally think about or stop to think about much less write it down. I like this book because it’s fun to think about these things, it takes me out of the gotta get this done mode. Plus the title is shiny gold just like my planner! #Fate


The pages are pretty big so I am labeling each week with 2017 in hopes that I will continue to fill the pages for a few years. Maybe the lists will contain duplicate information – best days of my life- my wedding days always tops the list- but hopefully I have more best days to add to that list in the future.

Well know that I have crossed a blog post off my to do list I am off to do a fun list.



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