You say tomato I say Pomodoro

I am a busy person, just like just about everyone else in the world, so when I find a productivity tool I am happy to share it.

It’s called the Pomodoro Technique. Sounds fancy right? Or it made you hungry. Either way it’s basically a time arrangement tool that you can customize to your needs. I follow the 4, 25 minute timers with a 5 min break in between each and then a 15 min break after completing all 4 segments of 25 min. I use this website, which allows to you do the 25 min segments or create your segments or just set a timer for yourself.

Why do I like this so much? Because I tend to get anxiety when looking at an overwhelming to do list or become disheartened thinking about how much time something will take but……with this technique it forces me take my to do list and break it down into manageable pieces. I think about items I can do in a 25 min span and I know I have a built in break and I can change gears if I start feeling fatigued.

I start by getting everything I have to do out on paper- one big list, no matter how small the task and without worrying about order (yet!). Then I look at the list and group items into Pomodoros. Giving myself the freedom to keep going on a pomodoro (after the break) or move onto to another pomodoro.img_0627

I like how it is segmented and gives me a starting point. Often in a project there is that one task that you put off or seems impossible. Saying to myself just take 25 min and see what you can accomplish makes the task not as daunting. I once used a whole pomodoro just organizing thoughts. In that 25 min  I have the freedom to try to check off tasks or just get the to do’s straight in my head for one project at a time.

My system might not work for you but that is the beauty of this technique- you set the pace that works with your style. If you are looking for a 2017 time management tool. I recommend this one.

My Pomodoro timer is ticking as we speak. Now onto to the next item on the list……




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