Why look back when you can look ahead?

Often at the end of a year you see everyone reflect on the year they have had, which is not a bad thing but this year I am just looking ahead. My 2016 was pretty good, not exceptional but not awful. I know many people were ready to get 2017 started as soon as possible. I am ready for 2017 not because I want to get rid of 2016 but because 2017 is already filling with trips, running and I am sure so much more fun.

I am looking forward to traveling to new places, running my 5th half (and hoping for a PR), updating our kitchen and making the most of the next 365 days ahead.

Many years ago I stopped with having resolutions and turned to new year goals. I am following that same pattern setting goals and focusing on on my 2017 word of the year: Gratitude.

This year I want to find gratitude in each day. I live a great life but I do fall into that trap of thinking about what I want instead, which clouds my view of  what I am lucky enough to have in my life. One of my (many) favorite quotes is “The thing you complain about is exactly what someone else is wishing for.” So this year I want to stop complaining (mostly, I mean I am not perfect) and looking for the good.

This will be a process and a challenge but one I am ready to take in 2017.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to 2017!





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