My week in objects (basically)

Have you noticed a theme? In an effort to blog more I am trying to do a weekly post about items that stuck out in my week.  Last week was pretty boring so I have limited items this week. I hope to always have at least 5 items and to find objects that are interesting to ready about.

  1. This book – Adam by Ariel Schrag. I could not put this down. It’s the story of boy who is mistaken as transgender but doesn’t say anything because he is trying to impress a good. I think I liked this because some of the questions and unknowns he has as he into this world are some that I was curious about. It’s funny, serious, sad and down to earth. I felt like I was right there with Adam he navigates the world of transgender, gay, lesbian circles as well as just growing up and falling in love. It’s a must a read. img_0415
  2. This button. My grade school is on the verge of closure. It hurts. It feels like a piece of me is dying. I know dramatic right? But St. James wasn’t just a school to me, it was a community. My parents were actively involved with school and church and as a result have a large friend and support base. I still go to church there and attend school and church functions. The true impact of this community can be seen by the take charge attitude parents and parishioners have taken to keep the school open. Buttons were created, letters written, fundraisers created. Shutting this down and dispersing all this goodwill be a travesty. I support St. James!img_0418
  3. Recently we became Fox season ticket holders – as a way to get Hamilton tickets but also because I am a fan of musical theater. Not only do I get exposed to new shows but I get to on fun date nights with friends and my husband. If you haven’t seen Fun Home get tickets today. The show was awesome!img_0438
    Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week friends!


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