My week in objects (basically)

Another week has come and gone. Here are a few  things that stood out.

  1. Cranberries – We bought a bag of frozen cranberries for a recipe but have quite a few left over. I have been slipping a few into my smoothies but was excited to find another use for them while flipping through a magazine. Cranberries, apple cider vinager, cocoa and greek yogurt. Mash together and apply to your face for 15 min- and be ready to feel completely ridiculous.


2. Crafted in St. Louis Facebook page: This closed Facebook group allows you to find local crafters who can recreate all your etsy dreams locally! I had these darling cookies made for my cousins shower this weekend.


3. 142: Friday was not only veterans day but it was also the date of the founding of my sorority 142 years ago.  I am blessed to a G-Phi-B! I found lasting friendships, become a leader, furthered my career and served my community through this organization. It even help me meet that guy I married 😉download

4. Turkeys: Because I love Thanksgiving and won’t allow Christmas decorations up in the house until Dec 1. #lettheturkeyhavehisday

5. Family: This weekend my family gathered for a baby shower. I was excited to plan the shower but I was super excited that everyone was coming together to celebrate another addition to our family. When you have a large extended family it’s hard to get everyone together in one location – but when you do watch out cause we are ready to have any amazing time (and we did). My aunts, uncles and cousins mean the world to me and have always been a wonderful support system to me.

Onto another week….what objects will stick out? Stay tuned.





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