My week in objects (basically)

Amid the craziness of my life these five things stood out in me week.

Needle and thread: I am in the process of completing a baby gift for my cousin. The shower is the 12th so these have been a constant in my life this week.


Class Pass: While not an actual object this is my new addiction. I received a promotional offer for half off of 3 months. This came at the perfect time because I was finishing up personal training sessions that I won at an auction. I love the variety of classes I can fit into my week and finding new studios and new workouts. I just might be hooked on this for awhile.



Almonds: I am not a huge nut person but recently I have come across almonds in foods that I am eating and not hating them. A huge bonus is that they fill me up and help me avoid the 3pm crash. Even better they make them in pumpkin spice. Almonds have now been added to my foods I like list- one that isn’t very long.




Workout rings: I don’t wear a ton of jewelry but I feel naked without my wedding rings on. When I run or workout I don’t wear them because I am afraid of losing or damaging them.  Then I found these silicone rings that are perfect – can I can change them to match my outfit. They are comfortable and, sometimes, keep the weirdos away (for the most part).


35: Come February this will be my age and it’s beginning to hit me hard. I was ok with the big 3-0 but I am dreading this birthday. I know age is just a number and I don’t feel 35 – heck sometimes I really don’t act like I’m in my 30’s. To distract me I am trying to think of fun “35” things to do. Maybe collect 35 pounds of food for a shelter or run 35 miles my birthday weekend. I haven’t landed on anything but I will keep you updated.


Thanks for reading!



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