Coffee Date

One of my favorite bloggers does a coffee date post every few months. I love the concept and thought I would give it a try here:

If we were having coffee I would tell you……

That I found a new podcast that I love and am now binge listening to to catch up on past episodes. It’s called Of A Kind. On the podcast the hosts, two women named Claire and Erica, review their top finds for the week. Topics range from books to beauty routines to gifts to give.  I really like it cause it because they are down to earth and expands my knowledge on a variety of topics. Claire and Erica own a business called Of A Kind where they work with designers to help them launch products. Products are limited edition and only available for a short time. Some of the items are a little pricey but it would be a good place to go if you need a unique gift.

If we were having coffee I would tell you….

I have fallen off the running/exercise path and I can tell. My pants are a little tighter and I just feel so sluggish and yucky. What makes it even worse is that I am busy and a little stressed right now and I am a stress eater. I eat and I feel better for a little while, although the consequences make me feel even worse. But I am trying to get myself back on the fitness track. I am making it a priority to sit down on Sunday and make out my workouts for the week. Something about putting it on my calendar just make more likely to do it — and bonus I get to put a little check mark next to it when it’s done. This is like a little treat to me, crossing stuff off the list!

If we were having coffee I would tell you….

I just booked my trip to Atlanta for Gamma Phi convention and I am super excited to be representing the St. Louis Alumnae chapter as delegate.  Plus I will be blocks from the World of Coca-a-Cola.

If we were having coffee I would tell you….

(Just between girls, boys might to stop listening now.) That I just found out from a blog that I read there there is a thing called period underwear! Wait, what!? Yes,  period underwear companies that have been cropping up lately are Thinx and Dear Kate. You will have to check them out to see the benefits. I am seriously thinking of investing in a pair or two. **TMI – my aunt flow is a heavy lady and this might be useful in my life and my laundry!

I hope you enjoyed our coffee date!


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