Pinterest…yep still controlling my life

Ok so controlling my life might be over stepping things a bit but it’s still a part of my to do list and therefore a part of my life. I have slowed down a bit, meaning it is something I can push to the bottom of the list, but I have tried a few things.

To sweeten up Thanksgiving I made a turkey out of cupcakes. I found my inspiration with this pin pictured here


And here is my creation: IMG_4073

A word to the wise – make sure to secure your cupcakes to the board with a dab of icing. I didn’t do this originally because I didn’t want to be locked into a certain design. Sadly on on card ride to Thanksgiving dinner the turkey lost a leg when we hit a bump. Lesson learned!

For Christmas I made stuffed zucchini: These were pretty good, not really a healthy alternative though since they have a lot of cheese and bacon. They would be good to make as an appetizer just cut them into bit size pieces.

This was is actually not a pin but a recipe video that came up in my facebook feed. You just need a few ingredients – puff pastry, a full size chocolate bar and egg wash ( I had to google this). It’s pretty simple to cut the pastry and wrap the chocolate bar.


You bake in the oven and you get:


I was impressed at how pretty this looked. It tasted pretty good but would have been better hot out of the oven- when the chocolate was still hot and more runny. I say this is a keeper, there are many things you could use instead of chocolate – like fruit preserves or even cheesecake filling to make this an all event item.

Since I had leftover puff pastry I decided to try this pin for apple roses. Another low ingredient recipe.  Apples, puff pastry, cinnamon, sugar and egg wash (again)! This was interesting because I had to cook the apples first – this was new to me.


After you have cooked and dried the apples you can begin cutting your puff pastry and rolling the apples up. My apples slices weren’t cut exactly even so I had several different sizes of apple roses.


The recipe says to cook them with a water bath – another new thing to me. But it did help them from burning.

Here is the finished product. They are pretty – I should apples that had more of a red skin tent to really make them pop. I like these as a centerpiece at a shower or other event but I am not sure I would want to make a lot of them.


Crockpot Baked Potatoes – Recently I made our bi-monthly trip to the grocery store by myself – and I came home with 10lbs of potatoes. It was buy one get one free – what else could I do? It was a deal!! Anyway with so many potatoes on hand I looked for some ways to use them. I came across this method of cooking baked potatoes and wondered if it would work. It did! The potatoes came out soft and not dried out. They did take 4hours on high so this is a good method if you know you want potatoes for a meal (that is 4 hours away) and you have to cook a few potatoes.  I liked this because it allowed me to make a few potatoes that I could then store and eat at other meals. A cool trick but probably not one I will use often….although I do love potatoes….

There were a lot of winners in this bunch – and new cooking ingredients and cooking techniques. While I fret over Pinterest it does open me up to new ideas, terms and techniques.  Stayed tuned for more learning experiences thanks to Pinterest!



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