No, I am not coming to you from a drunken stupor.  I am referring to how intoxicating everyone’s new year goals and motivational quotes can be. Since I started running I have started to follow a lot of coaches and fitness guru’s, so these last few weeks I have been flooded with 2016 goals for wellness, workout and meal ideas and organization ideas from them as well as family and friends who are kicking off 2016 with a bang.

As I scrolled through my many social media feeds it made me excited, motivated, nervous, tired and a host of other emotions. I would read a goal and think yea I need to do that to or see someone planning out meals and think yes I should be doing that. So many things seemed like the perfect goals to get me on track for 2016. So many in fact it then began to stress me out! Additionally, I was dealing with a sinus infection/major cold combo that knocked me on my ass right after Christmas. I kicked off the new year sicker than I have been for awhile and with little to no energy.

But these goals were there in front of me everyday and everyone was jumping in and working on their goals and taking action while I sat on the couch. There were some total downer moments. Then I remembered something…….my word. For 2016 my word was Simplify. I said the word over in my head about three times and I could slowly feel myself calming. This is why I choose that word, I often try to do it all and in the end sometimes I am asking myself did I enjoy that experience? did I take away all I could?

Stepping back and telling myself to Simplify was not only calming but it gave me permission to not take on more than I really needed to. Plus it helped me look at all the goals I had and condense them. Meal planning is great idea but is something I can take slowly. I asked myself what does meal planning mean to me and I came up with it means making better choices on food and not spending as much money as I previously had on lunch. So I said simplify, telling myself I will pack a lunch 2-3 times a week or I will buy healthy items to have on hand at home and in my desk for snack craving. It didn’t have to be an overhaul of my pantry or week by week menu. All I needed to do was start small and not make this something that became a nuisance or caused me constant worry if I was doing it right or eating the right things.


As I continue to read 2016 posts I continue to tell myself Simplify. I don’t have to do it all and the things I commit to will take me a whole year. I don’t have to run everyday or plan meals for everyday or blog about deep topics all the time, etc. Yes, I have goals for 2016 as I stated in my previous post and I plan to work on them as simply as I can.



One thought on “Intoxication

  1. If you need any tips on meal planning, I would be happy to share! I think I have almost mastered this over several years. I am the type that REFUSES to make multiple trips to the grocery store each week because it stresses me out. Good luck!

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