2015 closes and 2016 opens

Yikes! The blog kind of got put on the bottom of the to do list as the holiday season hit.

Speaking of the holiday season, welcome 2016! Many people in my life were ready to see 2015 go. I am lucky enough to be one of those people that looked back on my 2015 and was able to smile. While it wasn’t the best year of my life it wasn’t my worse. I can happily say that it did me well.

But there is always room for improvement right? As another year begins I start to think about resolutions or goals as a majority of the population does. A few years back I stepped out of the usual resolution thinking. Yes, we all want to lose weight, save money,etc. These tasks seem to be top of mind and for a lot of people fizzle. Past challenges for me were to try 50 new things, to run 13 5K’s (in 2013), to be happy – things that were actionable and that I knew I could stick to for a year.

I have enjoyed thinking of my resolutions and making them out of the box. This year though I was a little stumped on what would be a good one or ones. I gave it some careful thought as laid in bed sick for the start of 2016. Yes, I started the new year off feeling like crap on a stick but it means my year can only get better. It gave me the chance to catch up on some blogs and Periscopes and helped me get a handle on how I would approach 2016.

One word: Simplify. The one word resolution is a technique that I am came across on a few of my favorite blogs. Life can be complicated and by telling myself to simplify I am giving myself the opportunity to take a step back from what I am doing and really look at the task at hand. I worry constantly and most of the time over nothing. Using my one word I hope to ease some of the worries, the stresses, the crazy out of my life. I like this because this works on so many levels; I can simplify clutter in my life – unsubscribing from email lists I don’t use, spending just 5 minutes to straighten up one of of the house each night to keep our house clean and organized. It will even work on larger levels – like telling myself that I don’t have to be at 110% all the time, giving my best shot and not over doing myself will get the job done and life will go on!

I’m not going to lie this will be difficult, but just saying the word seems to change my mindset and calm me. Two things that can make a big difference in life.

Other goals this year include (because I am an overachiever)

  • Be a vessel of goodness: I have always enjoyed reading about random acts of kindness and have even witnessed a pay it forward event.  I truly believe that it’s the little pieces of kindness that make the world a better place. I want to pass on this kindness and I don’t want you to know when I do. Meaning I am not making a production of the good I do, I am going to do the acts for the good of world not for recognition. Not that anyone who does something good and then shares it with world is bad. We all need inspiration and we all need to know there are good people out there.  I want to spread some goodness and in my 2016 blog wrap up I will give you a peek into what this meant in my life.
  • Continue to Run: Running has changed my life in so many ways and I want to keep it in my life. I am not signed up for a race right now but I looking at doing another half. I would like to finish in 2 hours, which will take some serious training both physically and mentally.
  • Blog consistently: Every since I started blogging I haven’t really hit a rhythm. I would like to blog at least once a week. It’s fun and a release for me. Plus I love that it creates my story. I want blogging this year to be the good, the great, the bad and the mediocre.

It might seem like a lot but I think my goals all interconnect to my word – Simplify.

– Goodness: Simple acts touch the heart.
-Run: Be a fit person – get outside and run.
-Blog: Tell life as it is and how (hopefully) simplifying has made a difference.

2016 looks to be a busy and exciting year. I wish you an amazing year!

As always thanks for reading!




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