What’s a freggie???

In an effort to avoid getting a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly this Christmas season I joined an online fitness challenge. The challenge focuses on keeping you moving and getting in your freggies- meaning fruits and vegetables.

I don’t shy away from fruits and vegetables, I enjoy most of them, but I am not always conscious of making sure I get adequate servings of them.So while I am working to get in my workouts I am also working freggies into most meals.

A good trick I found was make it visible! I bought a bag of apples and put the apples in a bowl on my kitchen table. I was able to grab them and throw them in purse for lunch at work or on the way out the door as part of my breakfast. Not only were they visible they were easily accessible.  This not only worked for me but Jake was also picking up apples as a snack or breakfast.

Since I do plan on indulging in the deliciousness of Thanksgiving food – I really think I could eat my weight in pumpkin pie (no whipped cream)- I made my lunch for the short week. This is my version of a salad

  • chopped spinach
  • bell peppers
  • green beans
  • shredded cheese
  • pumpkin seeds
  • ranch dressing (not pictured)


I am not of fan of lettuce so I get creative when it comes to salads. These are pretty much all veggies. I packed an apple as well and a yogurt (that also had fruit pieces).

This has kept me honest this week about eating my freggies and not giving into the temptation to spend money on lunch – which usually leads to bad choices like tater tots and cheese or one of the hundreds of choices available on a college campus.

I support the freggie movement! Plus it’s a fun word to say.






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