wait I am not training anymore??? what do I do now??

The half is over, it’s still hard to believe. No more 5:30am alarms, no more 2 hours runs on a Sunday, the possibility my toenails might actually start to go back to a normal length. Wow! But what do I do now!!??

I am a goal oriented person, give me a goal a list a challenge a project and I will throw myself into it. I strive on having something to do, something to complete. Luckily in the world of blogs there is always the next big thing to get into. One of the blogs that I just recently found (http://www.runtothefinish.com/) is offering a free holiday sweat program to keep people moving and fit through the dangerous holiday eating season –plus there are prizes. It creates an online community of people being accountable for daily exercise and support of the group. People across the country give me a virtual high five for working in a 30 minute work out – very cool and motivating.  I am really trying to get the full benefit of this group which not only focuses on keeping you fit and making new friends but further connecting your blog with readers.  While I didn’t start this blog as a way to grow a business or as a way to make money it’s nice to think that maybe the things I say might connect with somebody or add value to their life in a small way.  I am using this holiday sweat challenge to keep my fit as I start to think about my next half and to keep me blogging. I think I have gotten into a rut of posting about running and pinterest. Hopefully the blog prompts given through this challenge will allow me to branch out to some new content, if anything it will keep me accountable to working out and staying fit.

When I first started to train for my half I told myself I would cross train, I would strengthen my core and in turn run faster.  That held up for awhile and then I got into such a groove with running that I didn’t fit it in as much as I should have. Now that running has moved a little lower on the list I want to find some core moves that will help me be a stronger runner but also keep my waist shrinking!! My core strength goal for this week is to work on my core at least 3 times this week for 30 min and to plank everyday for 1-2 minutes. I am notorious for tearing out workouts from magazines putting them in a binder and then never looking at them again.  Well this week I am dusting off that binder to find a workout that make my muscles want to scream! Beauty is pain and I am ready to embrace this challenge!

Being healthy is only about the working out, it’s also about the eating! I struggle with this part like no other. I am super picky so I don’t always find healthy recipes that I like or that will keep me feeling full and away from the chips! Another blog I really like (http://www.yourtrainerpaige.com/) offered this recipe for Crockpot Firecracker chicken. I wasn’t a fan but Jake really liked it. The chicken didn’t have a ton of flavor to me, I liked the rice with the sauce from the crockpot though. Hopefully I find another healthy recipe that I like.

Have a great day!


P.S. You will see my using these hashtags this week as I participate in group activities and try to win prizes.
#ShowYouCan  #holidaysweat @fitapproach #sweatpink @timexsports @runtothefinish

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