from the kitchen

Yes, I run but I also bake. Running lets me lick the batter off the spatula without feeling too guilty. This is important as we enter into holiday season and the baking usually amps up as we head to parties and other events.

Lets get the flops out of the way

Boston Cream Poke cake: I made this especially for my mom…insert ahhhh moment. She really  likes Boston Cream Pie, but making the cream is an extremely delicate task so I was looking for away around making the cream from scratch. I found this recipe which uses pudding in place of the cream. You make a cake and the poke holes in it – a task which I thought would be fun and easy. Making the cake part was easy but poking the holes was stressful! I used the end of a wooden spoon as suggested but when I poked the holes sometime clumps of cake came with it and then I wasn’t sure if I was evenly spacing the holes.  While the cake was cooking I was in multitask mode thinking oh I can get the pudding started — not thinking that pudding sets really quickly. So for the next step where you more the pudding mixture so it fells the holes I was little screwed. I basically iced the top of the cake with pudding and by gravity some of it got in the holes. That is a lot of moisture to add to the cake and then you top it with melted chocolate icing. Lets just say this cake was heavy and probably mushier than it should have been. I know calling this a flop is kind of jumping the gun since I made the cake wrong but I still think it would have been a heavy cake and not as boston cream pie like. Good idea in theory but better left up to professional bakers.

Pumpkin S’more cupcakes: The next item that didn’t turn out as expected were these cupcakes. They have a graham cracker crust, pumpkin cupcake, marshmallow frosting and chocolate drizzle. The recipe calls for you to stuff them with marshmallow cream and melt marshmallows on top of the cupcake as frosting. Well the cupcakes didn’t really come out in cupcake form so I dropped the stuffing part. as you see below they were a little clumpy, probably due to the batter being only cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Not a lot moisture in that mixture!


I did melt the marshmallows on top of the cupcake and drizzled with chocolate but they did not resemble the picture and created a very messy presentation.  They say you eat with your eyes, so I was pretty disappointed in them. I took them to work and was told they were pretty good. Despite the positive taste test I have decided to give this pin the delete button.  I think I would much more success making these again unless I changed the cupcake mix to make the cupcakes easier to stuff and just present better in general. Trust me once you see the picture in the link and then see my actual shot you will understand!


IMG_3942                      IMG_3943

Flops aside I do have some good ones to share! I made these cake batter cookies for a Halloween party we attended. I love  making themed items! I brought the eyes and the knives at Joann’s close to Halloween so they were 60% off! Pro tip wait to buy these things cause they go on super sale close to the holiday and look after the holiday for the sales. These sugar pieces usually have a good shelf life. Plus they are super fun and dress up your basic cookie or cupcake! I divided the batter and used regular food coloring to make fun colors. The red was a little pinker than I wanted so my knives weren’t as spooky as they could have been but you get the idea.

IMG_3970 IMG_3971 IMG_3972

When I was at Joann’s I also came across green cupcake batter! Super exciting because I love green but also because I knew I could this into cupcakes that went along with my nephews Halloween costume – teenage mutant ninja turtles! I saved a few of the eyes from cookies and bought a variety park of fruit by the foot for the masks. Not going to lie I was pretty proud of these! They turned out super cute and were pretty simple. When I ran out of eyes I just used the fruit by the foot to make the initial of his first name. This wasn’t from a specific pin just my brain, although I am sure I have seen on Pinterest somewhere!

IMG_3975          IMG_3976

A few more goodies out of my kitchen and few more pins attempted! Hope your pinning is going just as well!




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