And the Pinteresting continues…..

My Pinterest boards have been giving me some anxiety, so I decided to try out a few things. The first was

VIA chocolate truffles – This was a Starbucks promoted pin and there were minimal directions and pictures. I love the pins that show step by step pictures of how things should come together.

There are only a few ingredients a Starbucks VIA packet, whipping cream, butter and chocolate chips


mix them together until they make a nice smooth chocolaty looking mixture


Then refrigerate until firm and then roll into balls that you cover with either powdered sugar or sprinkles. This is where it went down hill, my mixture firmed up nicely but when I tried to roll them into balls they just fell apart and left me with a chocolaty gooey mess in my hands.  I was able to get a few rolled into somewhat presentable form but it was a lot of work and SUPER messy.  I tasted one and was not impressed, they were more big globs of chocolate then coffee chocolate truffle. It reminded me more of fudge than truffle.  This pin got the delete button, onto better dessert options!

Speaking of better dessert options….let me introduce you to Pumpkin cheesecake bread. This combines pumpkin bread and cheesecake. Mine didn’t end up as pretty as the picture in the pin but I was happy with the taste. Part of it might have been that I didn’t make mini loaves as instructed- I just made one big loaf s the cheesecake picture had more area to cover. Let’s go with that! It’s a pretty straightforward recipe. Also, it would easy to take the cheesecake portion of this recipe and add it to your favorite sweet bread recipe. This is a keeper! I think you could even do these as pumpkin cheesecake muffins. Yummmm!

IMG_3791   IMG_3790

Caramel Stuffed Pumpkin cookies – Continuing with pumpkin recipes…….. I made these for a bake sale we had at work.  Instead of caramels I used Rolos – not only because the recipe lists it as an option but also because we can’t keep caramels in the house or Jake will eat them all. Yes, mister I don’t have a sweet tooth loves him some caramels.  I made these cinnamon caramel cookies  for a trivia night and I had to hide the caramels so they didn’t disappear before I started baking. Anyway back to the cookies. It’s your basic cookie recipe with a little pumpkin thrown in. The only issue had with these was that you really have to wait till they are pretty cool to move them. The chocolate/caramel center makes them a hazard to take off the pan. I had several they turned into cookies pieces because as I moved them the center dropped out. They might have worked better with just caramels. The bright side is I did have a good amount that were bake sale approved and I got to eat the mess ups. A win in my book and for this pin. A keeper!

I usually stick to cake and cupcakes when baking but every once and awhile I branch out to brownies. More because I know people like brownies even though I could never have another brownie in my life and me just fine. I have these Caramel pretzel crust brownies a shot. After making these I realized another reason I avoid brownies, they never turn out for me! I cheated and used boxed brownie mix and pre-made caramel sauce but I made the pretzel crust myself. Note to self pretzel smashing is a stress reliever. At first I was little thrown off by this recipe because all the measurements are in grams –luckily is also lists the conversion in the recipe. My brownies looked nothing like the picture, my pretzel crust was more a pretzel stuff for the brownie and there was no way they were going to cut in nice little squares. I didn’t even take pictures of these because I was so over this recipe.  This pin got the delete button! Hopefully I have learned to stay away from brownie recipe pins.

So there you have it, some wins some losses but it felt good to be back in the swing of things with Pinterest— and blogging!




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