Cookie, cookie…cup?

Given the choice I will choose cake over a cookie any day but I decided to change things up and try out some cookie recipes.

The first I tried was this pin  for cookie cups. Who doesn’t love their own individual cookie cup? The pin gives you the instructions how to make your own cookie dough but I was under a time crunch so I just bought the refrigerated cookie dough from the grocery store. I rolled the dough into balls and baked the cookies as instructed. Then I used a spice jar to form the cup.

They look pretty good in the pan after making the indentations:


Then it was time to remove them from the pan:


This was rough, I had lightly greased the pan but apparently I needed to step up my game. I was able to get a few keepers:


With a few minor tweaks this is a keeper. I made these for a work event, they were filled with cheesecake filling and then had fruit added for a little fruit pizza treat. You could also add ice cream for little mini sundaes.

I continued down the cookie path with these cinnamon caramel cookies. This is a great cookies recipe to have on hand. They come together pretty quickly and there is a fun caramel surprise in the center.  A keeper for sure. I didn’t get an after picture but  here is a preview of them before they went in the oven.


OK enough cookies lets get back to making cupcakes – s’mores cupcakes to be exact. I had these darling cups I was dying to use and it so happens we had a dinner party to attend.  We ended up taking them to the dinner party but I can this one a fail!


A slight hiccup was that I had more batter than cups so I had to regular white cupcake holders. I was amazed I even had such boring cupcake holders in the house. These were just ok I give them a shoulder shrug and an eh rating. They are your basic chocolate cake with a graham cracker crust and a marshmallow frosting. Mine look nothing like the picture but I did try to make them look cute for the pictures. The graham cracker crust was non existent and my marshmallow frosting was just a sticky blob on top.  Another super annoying piece to this was the pin itself. I pinned the cupcake recipe but when I clicked on the pin it took me to the most recent recipe on the blog. I had to search for the recipe and it was not a simple search. This pin and I got off to a bad start so we are parting ways and it’s getting the ax.


I rounded out my binge on  Pinterest recipes with trying out DIY pumpkin spice creamer. Coffee and me are great friends and we are BFF’s when pumpkin creamer hits the shelves. This pin has been  on my board for a long time so I thought I would give it shot and try this and get some pumpkin creamer pre-fall. There are a lot of make your own creamer pins, mostly because everyone is looking for the health conscience options. Yes, this has basic ingredients but it doesn’t make it better for you. The names of ingredients you can’t pronounce might be gone but there is still 1C of whole milk and 1C of heavy whipping cream. It was also hard for me to strain the pumpkin out so this became kind of a chunky creamer. I think I will stick to do doing my happy dance in the grocery store when I see in the diary case.



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