Half Marathon training week 4

**Warning this post is ALL about running**  Just wanted to give those you who aren’t fans about reading about running a heads up.

As you know I am training for a half marathon in November. I am working with a coach that I found through my favorite running store – Big River Running. They are great and offer lots of FREE running groups. Check them out for all your running needs. Ok commercial over.

My coach put together a 16 week training plan. Life, as usual, has been busy so I have been running but not exactly according to the schedule. Well, week 4 I finally was able to complete a full week of training according to plan. Here is what a week of my training looks like, complete with pictures of me and the training chain I mentioned in my last post.

Sunday:  Long Run. The run for today was 4 mi at the pace I hope to run during the race: 11 minutes 4 sec.  I do my long runs with the Big River Running Training team. Runs starts at 7 am at a different location each week. When I put together my chain the location was Cliff Cave park but due to flooding at the park it was changed to Grants Trail. This was awesome news, it’s right by my house. Note this is not what I look like post run! I wish! I forgot to take a post run picture of me, so here is one after I had showered.   It was a good run, still need to work on consistent pacing but I was happy it was only 4 miles.


Monday: Rest day! Mondays are one of my rest days. This is always nice because A. It’s Monday and B. Long runs are on Sunday. However, most runners know that rest days don’t mean you sit on your butt. They mean focus on other areas. For this rest day I chose a weight training circuit to work on my core strength.    I am constantly tearing out workouts I find in my running and fitness magazines. I put them in a binder and chose one to concentrate on for a few days then pick another. This helps both my mind and my muscles from getting bored. Plus I work different parts of my body every few days.


Tuesday: Speedwork. Yuck! I am not a fan. Today this consisted of running for 90 sec at 5K pace (10:05) and then running at 90 sec at easy pace (11:20 -12:00) 10 times. I did these in the morning and I was still a hot mess when I got home before 7am. My coach is big fan of the speedwork, he says that will make all the difference in me hitting my pace goals for the half. So I will do it but I won’t be happy about – expect when it’s over.


Wednesday: 4 miles at easy pace. This was an awesome run. I ran most of it and could feel my endurance coming back – hence the big smile I am wearing in this picture. It was like old times and was great motivation for the training ahead. Did I mention this is another pre 7am picture.


Thursday: A repeat running workout but I got a little later start this morning and the humidity got me and made it just an OK run – not like the fab run the day before. I was a little defeated here. I was hoping to repeat Wed but it just wasn’t in the tank.


Friday: Rest day! My workout for the day included a trip to Sams. So lifting boxes from shelf to cart and then cart car. As well as a trip to Target in preparation for a work event. The heavy lifting and walking through stores was all rewarded when I found Pumpkin Spice creamer in the dairy section. After completing a happy dance – and no I am not kidding about this- I put one in my cart and began dreaming of all the pumpkin spice goodness that was coming my way. Yes, I know a few of you are all “it’s too early” to you I say NEVER! I could eat/drink pumpkin all year long and will rejoice in this find.


Saturday: This is a Rest, Run or Crosstrain day. I chose to do some yoga. I attended a class in Forest Park right at the grand basin, it was so pretty! But a 10am class on a Saturday in August means it was a hot one. Here is a picture of the view instead of another sweaty picture of me.


Sunday: On Sundays we run long. Today’s run was 7 miles through UCity. There were lots of hills but it was neat to run through the Loop when it was so deserted. I ran by Mission Taco and was immediately hungry – good thing they were closed. Again not a post run pic, I was on a tight schedule today. I had to do my run, shower at work and then help with check-in for our new students – check out my cool shirt!


So there it is in a nutshell, a successful full week of training.  Ups, downs and pumpkin spice finds!


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