save the makeup!!

ahhhhh……crap! My exact words when I dropped my foundation last week and it became a crumbling mess. Luckily the crumbs all stayed in the foundation container and the mirror on the lid didn’t break. I really don’t need 7 years bad luck ( have I mentioned I am extremely superstitious). Immediately I turned to Pinerest to see if I could fix this mess, I vaguely remembered see some pins for this issue.

I found this pin. Although there were many pins for this, most had the same instructions. That was somewhat comforting, it made me feel that many had tried and used this method successfully but it also scared me that if this didn’t work I was out of luck, not to mention money for new makeup.

It’s really pretty simple, you pour rubbing alcohol over the crumbles and then mix them till smooth and let it dry. The verdict…this works…sort of. I could not achieve the smoothness the pin shows. I was able to get the crumbles to clump together and get them somewhat smooth. This did save a majority of the makeup, it’s not very pretty but I am the only one that sees it and truthfully I am ok with you seeing my un-pretty makeup in its container. No shame here.

This is a pin I will keep and would use again if I have to, hopefully I won’t drop anymore makeup!






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