Being Happy #5 It’s so Cliche.. and I love it

Remember when I started The Happy Book as a resolution? You might have to think back a bit. I seem to be taking my time with this resolution, but at least I am sticking to it.

The next activity I picked is about embracing those things that people consider cliche. The book gives the examples of rainbows, grandma’s cooking and puppies. My number one cliche happy moment is Christmas morning. I have so many happy memories of waking up and sitting in our living room in our pjs opening presents and just relaxing. It wasn’t about the gifts under the tree but the fact that we were all together and at the moment we didn’t need to be anywhere except with each other. As I got older it was more exciting to see how my family liked the gifts I gave them versus what was under the tree for me. It’s a total cliche but thinking about those times always makes me happy and thinking about all the future Christmas’ I have with family around a tree makes me happy too.

I don’t really mind being cliche. All in all I am a really predictable person; I guess it comes from my need for routine and order.  Some might see this as boring – like you get chicken fingers all the time, you always pick the green one or there was a cupcake on it of course you bought it.  What can I say I know what I like and then others know what I like – so really I am making life a little easier for those around me. hehehe. They know what to get my as a gift or order me at a restaurant if I am running late (rare but it does happen).  This is a comfort to me, that people know me and what I like.

Being cliche shouldn’t be a bad thing. We are all unique but we all have similar thoughts and loves, how else are we supposed to get a long in this crazy world. I like knowing what comes next and enjoying the little things in life like puppies or the rainbow after the rain. Happy is how you define it and sometimes being cliche is the best way to be happy!

Have a happy day!


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