Have you heard Ed Sheeran’s new song, photograph? If not You Tube it right now. I’m serious. This song spoke to me and made me tear up full on blubber. The lyrics beautifully described what pictures mean to me.

I am that person who takes pictures of everything. When I traveled to Europe in college I took a picture of each meal we had so that I could fully remember every aspect of the trip. I enjoy paging through photo albums and remembering that moment when the photo was taken. I look at our wedding album at least once a year. Maybe it’s cause I am a visual person, I need to see something to fully understand it.

Pictures tell such great stories and can take you right back to the time they were taken. After my father passed away we spent hours pouring over photos to display at the wake. For those brief hours we forgot about the pain and sadness of losing him and were transported back to happier times. We laughed for the first time in days and as the song says “Times forever frozen still, Hearts are never broken”. I could look at these pictures and feel like he was still right there with me and I could keep that picture close to me so that I wouldn’t feel alone. Those photos were such a comfort to me, almost like a security blanket.

See why I was shedding a few tears  blubbering when I heard this song!

I love how the song says “We made these memories for ourselves”; you take a picture to remember something, to be able to look back and have that memory.  If someone asks me to take a picture with them I am honored. They want me to be a part of their memories! Not everyone is a fan of having their picture taken (cough cough…that guy I married).  Yes, I know sometimes it’s annoying to have your photo taken but think of the memories in the long run. Think of how you can look back on that photo and say remember when…., remember how great a time we had…., look how great my boobs looked then (ya I have made that comment before).  Life is such a crazy thing,  but a constant is the memories we share in photographs. There are some (cough cough…that guy I married) that say if you are taking a picture you aren’t in the moment and that you take away from the experience. Yes, there are those times when you are watching something through a screen instead of the actual event right in front you. Everything has its extremes, but I believe that you can experience something and you can savor that experience in photos all at the same time. Don’t worry, thanks to my mother in law I now own a selfie stick so even if someone doesn’t want to make everlasting memories with me I can make memories myself.

Before I heard this song I usually skipped over Ed Sheeran’s songs on the radio, unless there was nothing else on then I would listen. I am glad I took the time to listen to this one, even though it made me a teary mess! I liked the song so much I added it to my running playlist. While it’s not the most upbeat song, it makes me happy to think about all the photos I have of family and friends that hold such strong memories.  I know at any time I could open one of the many photo albums I have and be transported to happy times or feel that the pages of photos are holding me in big bear hug.

Say Cheese!






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