16 weeks…….

Nope, not pregnant.

Today marks 16 weeks until my half marathon in Nashville.  I am pretty much feeling every emotion possible as I enter into this round of training. This will be my first major race since I hurt my knee is 2013. The running I have been doing since my injury has been short and not on any schedule and the worst part is I can feel how much endurance strength I have lost due to the injury. So this training cycle means I am pretty much starting from scratch.

This is a pretty crappy feeling, which at one point made me ready to throw in the towel and not do the race at all. I battled my inner demons for about a 2 weeks, made pro con lists and even researched selling my race entry. In the end though I decided that I wouldn’t have signed up for the race if I didn’t have some faith in myself that I could train and do the race.

To help get me back on track I hired a coach through my favorite running store (Big River Running). At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money, but the more I thought it about the more I realized that I needed help in order to train properly. That’s the thing with running you need a support system, that is the first tip on almost any running blog you read.  Although it’s just you running a support system makes those 5am alarms and runs in the rain worth it. Yes, you are doing it for yourself but you are also doing it to get that feeling that someone is proud of you and notices your hard work. It also makes you accountable. When you have people that are cheering you want that to continue and you want to show them how strong you are. My coach created a running schedule for me, each week builds. If I slack off he is going to know and that keeps me lacing up my shoes as well.

Training is such an up and down battle, you have your good days and you most definitely have your bad ones. Unfortunately, you usually dwell on those bad runs and that fuels those “I can’t do this” voices in your head. But with a strong support system you have those cheerleaders that keep you going with cheers in any form text, email or popping up on a run. It makes all the difference. Finding a support system can be hard though, if you don’t run you usually find any mention of it boring and really don’t want to think about it. I used to be one of those people so I get it, but now I get how important a support system is for running and any part of your life. When you take on a challenge and you work hard but you can’t share it with anyone it takes away from the happiness you feel (at least to me!).

It’s funny, I went on my first training run yesterday and do you know what gave me the most motivation? It was half through the run as the rain started to fall. A Sarah McLaclan song came on my playlist (don’t judge) and I locked in on the words. Most notably

Time for you to walk out walk in your own shoes
Lay down your footprints wherever you choose
Leave it all behind and move on ’cause you are your own woman

To me this was some cosmic force (whatever you believe in) saying I made the right decision. Keep going!!!!

So I have officially begun training for my half! My posts will probably get more running related and my Facebook/Twitter feed will fill with running related stuff but this is a major thing in my life right now.  I am not trying to be the fastest runner out there, I am only trying to make myself a better runner. This is half is about me and my goals not the other runners in the race.

Here we go!




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