Balls of pumpkin

Some people see pumpkin as a seasonal thing, I am not one of those people. Give me a slice of pumpkin pie any day of the week! While not all pumpkin items should be eaten on a regular basis, you can make pumpkin into a healthy snack like these pumpkin pie energy bites.

I pinned this mostly because I saw the words pumpkin pie not because they are Paleo. After looking at the recipe I was pretty sure I was going to like these. I am one of those people that can eat the pumpkin puree straight from the can- yes I am a freak but I am ok with it.  Although I wasn’t sure how the dates would factor into the taste, I don’t think I have ever had a one before I made this recipe.  There were a few changes I made, like taking out the coconut (yuck!) and using almond silvers instead of pecans. The reason behind this was that I had the silvers in the pantry and didn’t know when I would use them again.

You basically just dump the ingredients into a food processor until it all gets finely chopped, refrigerate the mixture and roll into balls.

I enjoyed them but they are not the most attractive. They kind of look like meatballs.

IMG_3599 IMG_3600

They are called energy bites but I am not sure I got that much more energy from eating them. They were easy to grab as a snack and did satisfy my cravings for something sweet with just one ball. Which is good because I was told that you have to be careful with dates, they have a lot of good stuff in them but they also have a lot of calories so you need to eat them sparingly.

As I begin to start training for my half I am looking for snacks to have on hand like this.  Either before a run or after- especially since I tend to get pretty rungry(running + hunger) during training as my mileage goes up. This will be a keeper but as something I will probably just make for myself. These really aren’t party or potluck food and if you aren’t a pumpkin lover that might not be your thing. Also they are a little mushy to eat, if you have texture issues probably a good idea to steer clear. You could add chocolate chips or other kinds of nuts which would help with sweetness and give it some better texture.

While I am not shouting from the rooftops about these they were a win in my book. Although I think they will live on my “feeling good food board” not my pumpkin board.

The good news pumpkin season is almost upon us! It’s that glorious time of year when pretty everything gets a pumpkin flavoring! I can’t wait.




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