#80 Use a springform pan

We received a spring form pan as a wedding gift. It was something I added to the registry because I HAD TO HAVE IT. Well seven years later I used it.

A spring form pan is most notably used for making cheesecake and since Jake doesn’t like cheesecake I didn’t really think to use it all these years. Plus it kind of intimated me to use it. Don’t ask me why, maybe because it’s a pan that comes apart. It’s totally silly I know. But then I found this recipe for a Peach and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake that called for use of the spring form pan and I knew I had to face my fears.  This comes together pretty quickly and it’s fun to create a design with the cut fruit.

Here is a picture prior to going in the oven


and after coming out of the oven


and fully ready to be enjoyed


This was a win! Perfect for summer BBQ’s – you could easily change up the fruit. Strawberries and blueberries would make it the perfect 4th of July dessert. Maybe add vanilla ice cream and really up the patriotic game. Next time I will use more fruit and the smaller size spring form pan. Yes, I have 3 spring form pans in different sizes. I registered for the set of course! I think the smaller pan and more fruit will make it a little less dry. I love the ease of this recipe and that the finished piece looks somewhat on the professional end.

I would say this recipe is worth your time – and if you need to borrow a spring form pan just let me know.  They really aren’t that scary! I think I see some cheesecakes in my future!




One thought on “#80 Use a springform pan

  1. I have used my springform pans for many a cheesecake over the years. Most of which, turned out great. I find the pans very difficult to get completely clean….

    Happy baking Erin;)

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