Diet Coke, Q-tips, Chocolate……..There are some things you just don’t skimp on! I don’t buy everything brand name, I do have items that I will pay extra for to get the brand name. However, I don’t mind cutting some corners when it comes to spending money.

I own a cricut machine. It makes fun shapes and really ups my poster making ability. To use the cricut you insert your paper on a sticky mat into the machine; but if you use your cricut a lot, the mat tends to get less sticky. Here is where my cheapskateiness comes in. I don’t want to spend 12.00 -15.00 dollars on new mats. Luckily Pinterest came to the rescue and I found this tip for making old mats stick again.

It does entail spending some money but less than new mats, so I thought why not try it. If it didn’t work at least I knew I tried to save money. You basically coat the mat with these special type of glue stick. It does add some stickiness to the mat but doesn’t really restore it to it’s full stickiness. All in all I think this would be good in a pinch if you are having issues with your mats. Once you put the glue on it they need to dry for a short time before use. I think I will be adding replacement mats to my Amazon wish list though.

A tip to hang on to but not live by.





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