cupcakes for breakfast

This was a pin I felt melded Jake’s world and my world. He is a huge breakfast fan and well I am a huge fan of cupcakes. What does that equal? What I call pancake cupcakes. As with most pins I wasn’t sure this would work. The verdict – meh.

I used some shortcuts with this pin. I didn’t make pancake batter I used the shake and pour kind and I bought bacon bits instead of making bacon. But I did grow the blueberries myself…..ha ha totally kidding. Me garden…ya not happening. Despite my favorite color being green I can’t turn my self into a green thumb.


I would recommend if you make these to push your mix-ins into the pancake batter. I did this with the blueberries and not the bacon.


End result for blueberry


End result for bacon


As you can see pushing the mix-in’s in a little deeper gives you a little bit of everything in each bite.

Here are the finished products. Jake is bacon fan so I made more of those than the blueberry.


Lessons I learned from this practice round

* Make real pancake batter ( the stuff in the bottle was just ok)

* Make them in a mini cupcake pan ( I don’t have one those, but it would make a great gift wink wink). I think bite sized versions would be taster and cuter

* Serve them with syrup

I was delighted this worked and with a few tweaks I think I would make these again. They would be great at a brunch or shower or after a sleepover. They offer a lot of ways to add variety and satisfy all taste buds. Next time I might add some cinnamon to the pancake batter and a few chocolate chips as a mix in.










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