I get to…..

Blogs are just soooo cool! I’m not saying this to be sarcastic or because I blog but because of the power blogs can have on our lives. I am big fan of the Another Mother Runner blog  – NO I am not reading it because I am pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The ladies that write the blog (and do an awesome podcast) are funny, insightful and knowledgeable about running and life in general.

So I started my Friday the way I usually do with a cup of coffee and quick skim of my Feedly (this is a great site that houses and organizes all the blogs you might want to read consistently), noting a few new posts that I would want to check out later. But when I got to the AMR post I had to read it through to the end. The post (find it here ) detailed one of the writers recent triathlon and the recurring them she used was I get to. The race was difficult but instead of dwelling on the pain and exhaustion she focused on that fact that this something that she gets to do.

Those 3 little words, I. get. to., stuck with me and stirred up some major inspiration in me. It made me think about all the little things I do that not everyone has the ability to do. For example, this morning I got up and ran a mile, it was already hot and sticky and my legs weren’t happy with me. But this decision and my ability to put one leg in front of the other at a relatively easy pace was something I get to do – there are tons of people who can’t use their legs, or are dealing with injuries or health problems that don’t have this opportunity to do this.

I get to run.

I think this is great mantra for any part of life. It changes your view and lets that positive vibe sneak in! Just think about it, instead of saying I have to go to work say I get to go to work. There are people out there who are out of work that would love to be going to jobs. Or I have to get up early tomorrow – but saying I get to get up early tomorrow is just another way of saying I get to enjoy another day here on earth -not everyone gets another day. These are kind of extreme examples, to me just even saying “I get to” changes my outlook and my feelings. I have challenged myself to say this more often because as I said, it changes my outlook and it makes me happy!! Hmmmm…what was my New Years Resolution….to be happy! I love when things just kind of all into place. Plus I feel that this could have overarching benefits, if I am happy then maybe others around me will feel happy and they will then spread that happy feeling to anyone that come in contact with and so forth. Isn’t there a saying attitude is everything!

Maybe it’s just me that is so effected by this saying and you all think I’m nuts, but maybe it will have the same affect on at least one person. And because I live in a free country I get to write this blog and include my thoughts and feelings without fear of persecution or censorship.

Yes, I don’t disagree that sometimes life just sucks. I have my down days and my the world is against me days, but that is just what they are days – moments in time, not a lifetime. So you get to have your sad, angry, moppy moments but not entire lives. With just 3 little words I can turn (I hope) those crappy moments into happy times, days, months, years. If you focus on the bad then that is all you will see, if you focus on the good I think you will see so much more.

Wishing you many I get to thoughts!



2 thoughts on “I get to…..

  1. Erin,
    You have inspired me to start my own blog! I have always loved writing and with recently moving I think it would be a great way to stay connected with loved ones as well as a cool hobby to start up. I am new to this so any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am doing this as an outlet for myself, but I also want to keep it interesting for others to read. Happy writing!


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