For the avocado lover in you

Here at Risk Manor we tend to fall into ruts regarding dinner or we cave and end up getting take out – which isn’t good for the waist line or the wallet. So to spice things up I decided to really start looking at the many pins I had for dinner ideas. This one for avocado pasta stuck out to me, it was simple to prepare and I liked all the ingredients listed in the recipe (this doesn’t happen often).  Also, it didn’t call for any crazy ingredients; most of these items we had on hand or routinely buy on our shopping trips.

The verdict = major WIN!! The sauce you make to put on the noodles is kind of like an avocado pesto – super yum. Plus there are cherry tomatoes and corn mixed in, so you get veggies, carbs, good fats – all in one meal. Jake made extra of the avocado sauce which we have used on baked potatoes and burgers throughout the week.

This was exciting to find a recipe that we both liked, was easy to prepare and helped change up future dinners. I don’t know if you have heard this about me but I am super picky, if you ask Jake he will say I don’t like anything- so not true- I like him, and isn’t that all that matters! But finding recipes that we both enjoy is not that common. A keeper for sure!

Happy eating!




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