Treat yo self

This post is loooong over due. Can you you say I’m dreaming of a white Christmas?  These recipes were ones I made for holiday gatherings, although as I write this post  it’s a chilly 58 degree day in June. Oh St. Louis weather how you tease us!

Many people give baked goods as gifts – especially at Christmas- enter the cookie assortments. I decided to change that up a bit and made this cinnamon sugar bread for several of my relatives on my moms side. This is a pretty easy recipe and the bread turns out great as a breakfast item or just as a sweet treat after a meal. I didn’t exactly get the crust on the bread that the picture shows but I did get some nice looking loaves. I think with a little practice and maybe a different pan I might be able to achieve more of a crust. This is a recommended recipe for sure.

I next tried these chocolate donuts because yes, I own a donut pan and I do not put it to enough use. The problem is that it only has 6 slots and when you make batter you make enough for at least 12 or more. So this becomes a process. But if you spray your pan well enough the donuts just slide right out and you can continue filling the pan to get the next batch in the oven. I know this post is about the recipe but just one more gush about my donut pan – you make donuts without having to fry them! I’m pretty sure that makes them healthy right – baked donuts? Well maybe but after you put the chocolate glaze on these that might bump you off the healthy meter.  The donuts turned out well but were pretty moist, more of a chocolate cake then what I call a donut. While these recipe didn’t cause me any heartache I still need to give it the ax. If I am going to make donuts I am probably going to make pumpkin or another flavor – especially since Jake doesn’t eat chocolate stuff.  Moral is: this is a good recipe – go buy a donut pan!

Ok so I might not really remember when we tried this recipe for chicken ranch tacos but I remember we didn’t like it. It was pretty bland and just didn’t leave a good taste in our mouths. With some tweaking I am sure we could make this better, but I think I will just move onto one of the other million recipes I have pinned! If you are looking for a good meal skip the seasoning and the ranch dressing and just throw in a jar of salsa with the chicken and cook in the slow cooker for 8ish hours. It shreds really nicely for tacos or nachos and the salsa gives it good flavor. We use different salsas to change it up a bit. I know, I know are lives are outta control!

So there you have it, a pretty mixed post about the recipes I have (long ago) tried.  Slowly, slowly I am actually putting my pins into play – if I only I could stop the urge to keep pinning!

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