bakery is better

Mmmmm bakery cake. Somehow it is always better from the bakery – and that is where I will continue to get it after trying out this pin. I didn’t feel that this recipe drastically changed the taste of the cake. In a blind taste test I am certain that I could tell you which one came from a bakery and which one I made. Plus when I get cake from a bakery I can easily ignore that there is more butter and eggs in the batter than if I made it at home. With this trick I can’t ignore the extra butter and eggs that go in- plus at home I will lick the bowl..and the spatula.. and the beaters. Which adds another chunk of calories and a horrified look on Jake’s face. So what if the eggs are raw, how many cake batter deaths do you hear of really?! But truth be told death by cake batter doesn’t sound so bad. Anyway back to the point of this post.

I’m a huge fan of boxed cake mixes, not going to lie boxed cakes/cupcakes are pretty good. Not exactly bakery perfect but that’s what makes it special. If I could make The Cup style cupcakes at home I would miss out on cupcake dates and special outings for cupcakes and be 300 pounds (easy!). So this little pin got the ax, worth a shot but I will let the professionals do what they do best.

I will say that step 6 is something I do whenever I am baking. I have found this gives your cupcakes a nice rounded look.

Perhaps you will have better luck – I am happy to be your taste tester! Below is the recipe from the pin.

Happy Baking!



Make a boxed cake mix taste like a bakery cake. This is the cheat that I use for my cakes. Fabulous!!












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