I’m at it again!

In 2013 I jumped off a building. Well…not so much jumped but repelled. I repelled as part of a fundraiser for Special Olympics Missouri. It was a lot of work getting to the top of The Four Seasons but in the end it totally paid off. I raised over $1,000 for Special Olympics and I REPELLED DOWN A BUILDING!

This year I am turning my fundraising attention to Girls on the Run (GOTR). Truthfully I had never heard of this organization until my sorority made them our main philanthropy. Since I now call myself a runner, I was super excited about this development. As my alumnae chapter has become more involved with our local GOTR chapter I am falling in love with the organization. You should check them out http://girlsontherunstlouis.org/

This leads me to my next big adventure. I have signed up to be a GOTR SoleMate. SoleMates are men and women who pursue individual or team athletic goals, such as completing a road race or triathlon event, to raise money to support the Girls on the Run St. Louis mission – to empower girls for a lifetime of healthy living. SoleMates funding provides scholarships for any girl who may need financial assistance in order to participate in the program ($290,000 in scholarships were provided in 2013, alone), as well as program supplies and running shoes for girls. 100% of the funds raised through SoleMates directly supports participants in the Girls on the Run St. Louis council.

My athletic goal is to run the Zooma Nashville half in 2 hours 20 min. After my last half I decided that I wanted to travel for my next half. Nashville works out perfectly. It’s a short drive, no time zone changes to contend with, I have several family members near Nashville and I convinced my sister-in-law to run her first half in Nashville with me!

Signing up commits me to raising $500.00 but I want to challenge myself and am hoping to raise $1,000. So to do this I am asking for your help. I will be having several fundraisers throughout the year- stay tuned for all the details! I am also asking for pledges for my miles. For example, you might pledge me .10 for every training mile I run.  Or you could also sponsor a training run, donate at least 25.00 and I will dedicate a run to you or a person of your choosing on social media.

Running holds a special place in my heart. I haven’t been running for long but it has given me so much. It has helped me lose weight, make friends, strengthen my confidence and helped me manage stress. How great is it that I can use something I love to raise money to allow other girls to have these same benefits! GOTR as a whole has served over 1 Million girls.  Wow! And I can be a part of that! Please help me on this amazing endeavor! Even if you can only donate 5.00 it makes a difference! All donations are tax deductible as well!!! Below is a link to my fundraising site.

Besides monetary support I am also in need of your mental support. Training for a half can sometimes be daunting and disappointing. If you can pass on encouraging words I would love it! I have decided to use #erinruns13.1 as my training hashtag, I know it won’t be a top trending hashtag but seeing it means I know I have supporters out there.

I run like a girl and I am proud of it!

~happy running





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