Will this work?

Pinterest has tons of pins for etching using etching gel. Everything always looks so precise and classy. I was curious about this whole etching gel thing, using the gel seemed so scary. This is the pin that inspired me.

Once I got over the sticker shock of the gel, I took the plunge and bought a bottle- thank you Joann’s coupons for making this happen.

For my first project I decided to make a soap dispenser bottle for our counter instead of having that ugly Dawn bottle sitting out on the counter. I found the bottle at the dollar store- sweet! So if I ruined it with the gel it didn’t really matter.

I was super excited to find reusable adhesive stencils. One of the things that had my nervous about this project was using the stencils. I wasn’t sure how to keep them in place – but once I found the adhesive stencils I was all set to go!


Here is the finished project. I was pretty happy with it. I probably should have left the gel on a bit longer to make the word a little darker.  This worked surprisingly well! So much so that I am now looking for other adhesive stencils so that I can etch more items! I think with practice I can hone this etching gel thing!


I encourage you to try this, it’s not as scary as you might think – but be willing to practice first!

Happy crafting!





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