Being Happy #3

Time….we never have enough, it goes by too quickly, it drags – time really does it all and varies so much by situation and by person.

As I celebrated my birthday in February I began to think about time. I have posted about how I decided to celebrate in this post but I got the idea from my happy book that I am following this year. The activity in the book didn’t focus on doing this on your birthday but to just pick a day write down a few things either about what you were doing or what was going on in the world etc and then open a year later. So I tweaked the activity to make it fit in my life. And it made me happy that so many people sent me items. I wasn’t sure how many people would want to participate, it was also interesting to see how many people sealed the notes that my 50 year self will read. I also wrote a note to myself to include in the capsule. An activity that I wasn’t sure would make me happy. When you take a look back at your life retrospectively sometimes it can bring you down. But it was a happy activity for me and it showed me that I have a pretty great life. I am surrounded by family and friends that love me and I have had many adventures – but still have plenty of life left to go on many more!!!

I am excited to re-open the capsule! Hmmm I think a 50th birthday blowout bash should happen! So save the date 🙂

Thank you to those that contributed!




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