Hopping along

We recently celebrated Easter holidays with family and friends – which meant I could whip out some holiday themed food!

I started with chocolate dipped strawberries made to look like carrots. This might have worked better if I would have been able to find the long stem strawberries. I might have been able to dip them so less red would have been visible. But all in all they turned out kind of cute.  As I was dipping these I remembered I had green candy melt in the pantry and my mind went straight to thinking about the Irish Flag. These would make a super cute snack for St. Patrick’s Day. I mean really with the right color candy melt you could make any kind of holiday themed snacks using strawberries — and strawberries – fruit – healthy right?????


These are mine:




This is the pin picture

For future Easter -- strawberries dipped in white chocolate (dyed orange) to look like carrots.

The Easter themed item I made was bunny breakfast for Jake and me on Easter morning brought to you by this pin

IMG_3378 IMG_3379

I didn’t use the raisin and almond ingredients  that are in the pin. I don’t like either and I had almond pieces and chocolate chips in the pantry. They turned out pretty cute, but my almond pieces kind of made one of the bunnies look mean. Plus Jake is plain kind of cinnamon roll guy so I went with just bunny shapes and not faces. For photographic purposes I used some of my chocolate dipped strawberries. I love a theme!!

Both of these were easy to make and turned out pretty much like the pin! Both are ones that I could easily repeat. I was happy with both of these.

I hope you had wonderful Easter!










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