sometimes home made isn’t worth it

So a few weeks ago I attempted homemade granola bars. I enjoy granola bars as a snack or broken up inside my morning yogurt. Since I enjoy eating them I thought it might be fun to make them as well and maybe a little better for me. Well the better for me part is true but the fun part not so much.

Don’t get me wrong these were not difficult to make but they did not turn out as the cute little bars the picture showed.


This is all the ingredients packed into the pan before going into the fridge to set.

And this is how they set. Not very bar like. Although this did work nicely for me because I wanted to mix them into yogurt.  They went from pan to large ziplock – I love large ziplock bags, they work for so many things! It also provided for easy snacking – not sure if this kept me from eating more of less in one sitting.  A big plus for this pin was that I got to decide on mix-ins which meant I could use up the chocolate chips in my pantry but also put in pepita seeds. I felt for cook like as I added this and that – even though it wasn’t listed on the recipe!


However, I do feel that in the case of granola bars it is just easier to leave this up to the professionals. Store bought are more portable and might keep for longer. Yes, maybe because of the processed stuff in them but I am ok with that. This pin got the delete button but it was nice experiment.






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