a tip that works

I love things that make my life easier.  Several years ago I bought a mold that could make chocolate shamrock pops. It has been sitting with my cooking stuff for awhile so I decided to try it out. In order to cut down on the mess of pouring the chocolate into the molds I tried out this trick I found on Pinterest.

I put the chocolate candy melts into a pastry bag – using a rubber band to keep the bag closed- and put the bag in a pot of water. Then I set the flame to low and let the chocolate melt in the bag. I patted the bag with a spoon to break up the big chunks and make sure it was fully melted. Once it was melted I cut the tip of the bag and  squeezed the chocolate into the molds. This also works with a ziplock bag if you don’t have pastry bags.



I made shamrock pops and cupcake decorations with the mold. They turned out pretty classy – I will definitely  be making shamrock decorations again – and using this tip!



I brought these cupcakes to a trivia night that supported Irish Dancers – what can I say I love a theme! It’s hard to tell in this picture but the cupcakes are actually green. I used a recipe for pistachio pudding cupcakes I found on Pinterest. These were pretty simple and had a great pistachio flavor. Using the pistachio pudding made my life easier as well – it meant no shelling pistachios or paying an outrageous amount for pre-shelled pistachios.

Two big wins from Pinterest! I recommend this tip for all your candy melt needs!



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