Birthday in a box

Last week I celebrated my birthday and when asked how I wanted to celebrate I truthfully didn’t know. It felt like we just started 2015 how was it mid-February already?

As I thought about it I started fooling around with some numbers – which is a huge deal since I avoid numbers and math whenever I can. Anyway all this math stuff actually showed me that I will turn 50 in 2032 and I was end of my 32nd year. Hmmm I smelled a theme! And I LOVE themes.

So in addition to celebration with cupcakes and drinks I decided to start a birthday time capsule to be opened in 2032. I am using the word time capsule loosely.  I won’t be burying anything (fingers crossed we aren’t in this house when I turn 50) but I will be purchasing a pretty box most likely from Joanns craft store. It will mostly likely be stored under our bed, you know out of sight but I will remember it’s there each time I bump it when I vacuum under our bed. I always see the boxes there but can never think of an actual need I have for one.  Until now!

What am I putting in this “capsule”? I will have some items like a newspaper from my birthday in 2015, a letter I write to my future self, some pictures  that make me happy and so on. But I would love it to feel it with stuff from my family and friends. So using the power of email and social media I put the word out that I wanted everyone to contribute to my time capsule with things such as

A predication of where I will be at 50 or where we both will be
A favorite picture of us or just a picture of you
A handwritten note (nothing fancy – it can just hi from 2015)
A favorite memory we have had together
A piece of art you or your child created

I don’t really have a specific idea so using Google and Pinterest for further ideas is definitely encouraged. I will be “closing” my time capsule on March 20th. So put on your thinking caps and send future me something! I am already starting to plan my opening the time capsule party :)~

To many this may seem silly but I celebrate the big and little things in life. It keeps things interesting! Plus with this project I feel it might help me either reconnect with people or deepen a connection. Maybe we don’t talk on a regular basis but you send me a note or an art project from your child and we start up a conversation they we normally wouldn’t have and we talk more often. I know I know it’s a stretch. And not to be morbid but maybe the when I open my time capsule you won’t be with us anymore and I will have a piece of you forever. Of course I hope you all are at the time capsule bash!

Birthdays often are a time of reflection, when I turn 50 I hope I plan to use the contents of the capsule to reflect on the amazing people in my life.  I am also glad to be stepping back from technology a bit – instead of saving everything in my cloud of some other fancy storage area I am going back to basics. Paper!! Thoughts printed out on paper. Construction paper art pieces. Actually hard copies in my hand. Who knows by 2032 these might be antiques.

Thanks for helping me make memories!



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