Garden Glow


I am a huge fan of holiday activities. Here in St. Louis we have a lot to choose from. Thanks to my amazing friend Meagan I got to experience a new activity this year – Garden Glow. This event is held at the Botanical Gardens. They fill the garden with elaborate lighting and have music, food etc. This is a relatively new event  in St. Louis but one you should not miss out on! Plus there are tons of FREE photo opportunities. Just check out mom and me in the giant snow globe.

We lucked out this year and got a nice cool but not freezing night. So it was Christmasy but not so cold you wanted it to be over. There are so many light displays to see and walk through you feel like you have been transported to a true holiday village. One our favorite displays wasn’t actually even in the garden it was in the parking lot. As you drive in the trees have these lights in them that look like falling snow. Mom and I sat and watched the lights as we waited for the rest of our party.  We both agreed it was one of the top displays.

This is an activity that I would recommend you take part in during your holiday celebrations.


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