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I know my last few posts have been about resolutions and Christmas goodies – well these post will be similar. Sorry! I am playing some catch up. The post is basically about appetizers I have made – for Christmas parties. I promise there will be very little holiday talk so if you are looking for some appetizers do’s and don’ts stick around.

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes – These were a win! It’s buffalo chicken dip cradled in a won-ton wrapper. This is pretty easy and it makes it look like you made fancy appetizers.  Plus a constant theme in my life is cupcakes so it only makes sense that I would bring a savory cupcake.

Mini potato skins – Another major win! And sooooo easy. I did have to bake my potato slices a little longer than instructed but turned out super tasty. I might try to make thinner slices next time.

Hop Popper Dip – I brought this to a Christmas party we attended and it got all gobbled up before I had a chance to take a bite. I will take this as a sign that people liked it. The recipe calls for a lot of jalapeno so I was worried the spiciness would be over powering but apparently it wasn’t. This one does take some time to  make since you need to roast the jalapenos but if you have the time I would say go for it.

Pasta Salad – Not to end on a sad note but this was pretty blah. It needs more of the ranch sauce. The pasta was barely covered so it was just a boring bowl of noddles and veggies with a hint of ranch. This one got the delete button, I am certain when in need of a pasta salad recipe I can find a better one.

Overall not a bad selection of pins. Maybe I am finally catching onto what is a good pin and what isn’t. We shall see as I try to make it through all the pins I have pinned. I tried to put myself on a pin strike but I just couldn’t do it, there is so much out there to try and I don’t want to miss a thing. I think I might just need to bring back the pinterest party to get my butt in gear. Stay tuned! Or invite me over for a craft night.

Happy pinning!



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