2014 photo a day

My news years resolutions for the past few years have not been your ordinary resolutions.  I look for out of the box things that will help me live a life where I am constantly learning, experiencing  and growing.

For 2014 I chose to take a picture of myself each day. Truthfully I had no reason for choosing this, I thought it was kind of crazy and I wasn’t really sure if I could do it.  So it was kind of an experiment to see how important a resolution was to me. Would I stick with it? What would I learn?

Well I will say I started off strong but there were nights that I would get all cuddled in bed and would remember I didn’t take a picture and often would not get out of bed to take the picture. Also, at first the pictures were taken at our front door but slowly they moved to other locations in our house. Partially because I had a photographer that wasn’t always as excited about this resolution as I was; so sometimes to get the picture I had to move locations. There were also a lot of selfies taken either because my photographer wasn’t available or was being touchy.

As the year progressed I did struggle with how I looked in some of the photos. There were times I took the the photo right before bed or after getting of the shower (I was fully clothed in the picture – just no makeup) or when I was sick. These were times when I was not really put together. I wasn’t sure if I wanted those to be my representation of the day. But the more I thought about it these made my resolution more real, this was me on good days and bad days and just me in general. These photos represented my life and my appearances on a (mostly) daily basis.

As I went through the photos at the end of the year it was fun to see the seasons change in the door behind – remember all the snow last year! As well see the outfits I wore – and see which ones seem to be my favorites.

While I wouldn’t do this again it was interesting experiment. I was pretty consistent for at the beginning but had my lulls as the year progressed. Almost like a majority of resolutions. Everyone is gung-ho at the start of the year (ie packing the gyms) but mid year some people can’t even remember what their resolution was.

If  had a child I think I might consider doing something like this again, to document how fast they grow and change. Many people are doing this now but in monthly form, which I think is very cool. I love to tell a story with pictures and it’s fun to look  through them on a rainy day or just when you need a pick me up.

I put together a slideshow of all the pictures the good, the bad and the ugly. I understand if roughly 305 pictures of me don’t excite you. But if you are curious the link below will take you to slideshow.





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