Being happy – page 1

Welcome to 2015! I am using the happy book to work my way through a happy 2015. See my resolution post here

There isn’t really a plan on how I will go about the activities in the book. Did you just gasp when I said  I didn’t have a plan. Yes, sometimes I am ok without a plan – but take note of this it doesn’t happen often.

I don’t think I want to start at page one and work each page consecutively, I want to look through the book and pick out activities that are right for me and not just because they are on the next page. This will help spread out the activities since there aren’t enough to do one every day.

That being said I am starting my activity from page one of the book, but the next will not be page 2.

The first activity is pretty simple – make a list of things that make me happy. I was able to fire off a list of 20 things pretty quickly and each time I wrote something down I thought of how happy those things made me. It did brighten my mode a little on this cold day as well. I kept my list to myself because I want you to come with your list on your own and not use mine as a starting point. I will be blogging about these happy activities but I won’t be sharing on the details- for the most part. Who knows how this year (and resolution) will shape up!

I would recommend this activity if you are feeling kind of blah or are stressed or just need a pick up me up. Take a break and make a list of what makes you happy. Put big and little things on the list – for example one item on my list was the smell of a book. I love to read and just the smell of paper pages makes me happy and takes my mind to times when I curled up with a book.

This is a good activity to do any time and it also doubles as list of things I am grateful for. Putting them down on paper just makes you take note of them more and it makes you realize that both big and little things make you happy. Also that they don’t have to be big amazing things they can be the smell of a book or a favorite pair of pj pants.

Hopefully the list of things that make you happy is longer than the list of things that make you unhappy. Kind of sounds like an Irish blessing.

Have a wonderful first full week of 2015!




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