2015 what will you bring?

As one year closes and we get ready to ring in another many people begin thinking about resolutions. For a very long time I was in that group that would say eat healthier, lose weight, save money blah blah blah. All things that I should have already been doing and didn’t really need a new year to start. About 4 years ago I decided to drop the stereotypical resolution and really do something with meaning and purpose – many of you will remember the 50 new things list of 2011. From that year on I have tried to find something more goal oriented than trying to make a drastic change.

So what is my 2015 resolution/goal? It’s really pretty simple – to be happy. I know you may be asking but aren’t you happy right now? The answer is yes and no. I have a wonderful group of family and friends, a job I love, a roof over my head, good health etc. All wonderful things but I do sometimes let in the negative and the worry and often these are things that can be avoided.

My friend Tina gave me this book for my birthday – and it makes a great outline for this years resolution. It has different activities to help lead a happy life from things as simple as write down your favorite smells and a memory you associate with them, how would you spend a day unplugged – plan it out and then do it! Or (one of my favs) create a photo scavenger hunt for family or friends. There are roughly 193 pages in the book so I can spread out activities and thoughts. I plan to journal in the book and through blog posts, the journal will be for those thoughts I want to keep to myself and not with whoever might be reading this blog.


I do promise to be open and honest throughout this happy journey. I realize you can’t be happy ALL the time – those people are just annoying. Sometimes life just sucks and you have to embrace it. My hope is through this exercise I can find ways to see the good in the bad, maybe bring some happiness into others lives and maybe just maybe find some inner peace.

Just a few days a ago I came across this amazing article on the Huffington Post website. I kind of took it as a sign that this was the right goal for me in 2015. It lists 15 ways to be happier in 2015. I will definitely be taking these to heart as I work my way through the book.

I encourage you to follow me on this happy journey. Please share any ways that you find happiness and help me spread it throughout this crazy world of ours.

Cheers to you and your resolution!



One thought on “2015 what will you bring?

  1. I find that true gratitude is one of the key foundations of joy. I also think the less you think of yourself the more inner peace you find. Turmoil occurs in the boxes of our minds.

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