Trivia Treats!

We recently attended a trivia night which means—snacks! I turned to Pinterest to help me out. Actually I made myself try something I had pinned, since the pins are stacking up and giving me anxiety.

One of my friends turned me onto chocolate dipped pretzel rods so I thought why not try these caramel dipped pretzel rods. These did not turn out the way I expected or the way they are pictured. I expected the caramel to adhere to the pretzel better. Even after letting them sit for a night – in a covered dish- the caramel was still pretty sticky. In fact in order to travel with the rods I had to put them in red solo cup with the non-dipped end up. This way anyone wanting one could grab one without getting sticky fingers. At least these was how it worked in my mind. In the cup the rods stuck together so if you grabbed to quickly the rods broke. While they didn’t turn out they way I thought they would everyone that ate one seemed to like them. And Jake enjoyed eating the left over caramel pieces. Even with mixed reviews this pin is getting the delete button, they are just to messy.

The other snack item I brought to trivia night was caramel pretzel chocolate chip cookies. I couldn’t find the caramel bits the recipe called for so I used heath bar bits so mine were a little different from the title. However, these turned out amazing and will be a keeper. I have even made them for another gathering we attended recently. The recipe is basically for chocolate chip cookies and then you add pretzel pieces and caramel bits (or in my case heath bits). You could take this recipe and do a lot with it- like red and green chocolate chips for the holidays, butterscotch chips or other candy pieces. They come together pretty quickly so you might be seeing these with me at holiday gathering this season.

A loser and a winner in this round of Pinterest recipes from my kitchen. On a side note we had a great time at trivia night and even came in 3rd place! Maybe it was these awesome snacks that fueled the team brains 😉

Till next time!






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