What is making me happy this week


I know you are saying to your self- wait you don’t have a sister. Well technically not by blood no but I do have thousands across the country through my Gamma Phi Beta family. Joining a sorority in college was one of the best decisions I have made. It has opened so many doors for me and was the reason I met that husband of mine.

I was reminded of how happy sisters make me when I recently attended the chapter’s 20 year celebration at SEMO. Although we don’t all hang out on a regular basis or ever since graduating, when we all got back together in good ole Cape Girardeau it felt as if it was just last weekend we graduated. Everyone was ready to relive those college memories and even make some new friends. All because we share a bond. I have found this bond extends far beyond Cape Girardeau, joining the St. Louis Alumnae chapter has introduced me to women from Gamma Phi chapters across the country. I have found many wonderful friendships in this group all because we share the values and foundations of Gamma Phi. I didn’t have to go to college with these women to know what Gamma Phi means to them.

Many people don’t feel the same about sororities that I do but frankly I don’t care. You are entitled to your opinion. All I know is that I found an organization that has supported me, challenged me, loved me and given me a meaningful life. Thank you to all my sisters near and far!


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