Cookies to help someone jump off a buliding

Well not really jump but repel. Last year I repelled off the Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place as part of the Over The Edge fundraiser hosted by Special Olympics of Missouri. The person that talked me into doing it is now repelling for the 6th time. She hosted a BBQ and Bunco night to assist with fundraising. Since I couldn’t make a large donation to the cause I decided to donate some baking by making Brownie cookies.

These are pretty simple to make and come together pretty quickly. The problem I had was they stick. I used a silpat sheet and still I had issues. As you can see below:



I also had issues getting them to be as thick as the photo in the pin. Mine seemed to spread out and get large instead of thick. I iced them with the salted caramel icing recipe listed in the pin. I had to add a lot more caramel than the recipe listed and it was still only slightly caramelly and I could not get a thick consistency. It held together but was a little more runny that I would like for icing. So I won’t be relying on that one as a good icing recipe.



(The OTE on the cookies stands for Over The Edge)

Despite the issues with the sticking and the thickness I would make these again. I am not a huge brownie fan and always seem to massacre them as I take them out of the pan. These provide an easy way to serve brownies that are pretty. Plus they catch people’s attention, a brownie cookie? what?

I need to work on the icing recipe a little bit more to really perfect that though. To make them for extreme chocolate fans I might use chocolate icing next time. These could also go sans icing if you didn’t want to mess with it.

Up next from my kitchen– pumpkin pins!!!


PS – I am planning on repelling in 2015 – so start saving your pennies because I will be asking for donations once again 🙂


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