DIY Sunday

It’s been while since I have done a craft that didn’t involve crossing stitching. Since Jake was spending the day at the Cardinals game with his mom I decided to have some Erin craft time.  Up first on my list was to make a jewelry/headband holder for my dresser.

Much to Jake’s dislike I keep my big chunky necklaces and headbands in a basket on our dresser. For some reason he is anti basket, not really sure of the reason. It’s a cute basket with a green handle, but whatever. To remedy  this I decided to make my own after seeing several pins and online posts about jewelry organization.

I wasn’t too sure how this would turn out so all the materials are from the dollar store. A plate, a bowl and a candlestick.


I read through a few posts on these and decided that I should forgo the hot glue and buy some heavy-duty glue for this project.  Not a big deal, any excuse I can find to wander around the craft store is fine with me. The glue is pretty cheap and I had a coupon, as usual! I don’t think I ever buy anything full  price at the craft store.


This comes together pretty quickly. I glued the candlestick to the plate first then the bowl to the candlestick. I set a canned good in the bowl to help the glue set. I had visions of me picking this up and bowl sliding right off. I wasn’t sure  if glass would glue to glass easily. It does! This set for about a half hour and was good to go.

I transferred all my basket items into my new creation. Necklaces in the bowl and head bands on the bottom. As I was mulling over my choices of materials in the dollar store I was worried this might look to gaudy or just weird since all the pieces were different.  However, since it is filled with colorful necklaces and headbands you don’t notice all that much. Or at least I don’t.


I am still on the fence if I like this or not. I actually could use another layer but I am not sure the candlestick would support the weight of the top two layers. I will probably have my eyes open for other more stylish options but until I find something I like better it will keep Jake happy that the dresser is basket free.  This does allow me to see my options a little better, instead of everything being buried in the basket.

This was super easy to make. If you have a creative bone I am sure you could paint cool designs or spray paint the pieces to make them pop. A good place to search for  materials might be resale shops as well.

Happy crafting!



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